Advanced git

Course Materials for an Advanced One-Day Workshop


Jan Simson

This repository contains the course materials for a one-day workshop titled “Advaned git” which I first gave at the Scientific Computing Center (SCC) in Karlsruhe.



  • Block 1: Intro, Recap & Merging
  • Block 2: Best Practices: Pull / Merge Requests, Trunk-Based Development
    • 2.1 Collaboration & Merge Requests [slides]
    • 2.2 Trunk Based Development [slides]
  • Block 3: CI / CD with gitlab
  • Block 4: Stashes, Cherry Picking, Patches & more

Supporting Documents


The contents of this course which were created by me are available under CC-BY-SA-4.0. For resources where I do not own the copyright, other licenses may apply.